On the Wednesday and Thursday of our trip we decided to spend time in the southern area of the park, where the very famous cone geyser Old Faithful resides. The reason why we split it over two days is because it is SO tectonically active, and is very much within the Yellowstone caldera, so there is a lot to see in that area.

Our first priority, obviously, was to watch Old Faithful erupt. The eruptions happen around once every 90 to 120 minutes, which is less frequent than what I imagined. So we were waiting around for a while. Another very obvious observation is the amount of Chinese tourist group that visit not just the park in general, but the Old Faithful area. It is insane. And this is the quiet time of year!

After waiting a long time, Old Faithful eventually put on its show, each eruption expels enough water to fill more than 150 bath tubs and shoots approximately 140 feet into the air. It is so famous because it is predictable and is one of the tallest geysers in the park.


After seeing Old Faithful erupt, we decided to take a walk around the other geysers and hot springs nearby, including the morning glory pool, grotto geyser, giant geyser, to name a few.

We visited the grand prismatic spring on both days, but it was difficult to see the entire thing because it was shrouded in smoke, this was due to the dramatic temperature difference between the 70 degree spring and the snowy weather. Although you can just about grasp how HUGE it is, being 200 feet across.


As you can see, the geothermal features of Yellowstone are stunningly beautiful. All in all, it was a busy couple of days with some long walks, but with some amazing sights.

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