After making our way to Heathrow airport at 4.30 in the morning and travelling for around 13 hours, we made it to Salt Lake City at 11 pm local time. We were staying in a budget motel, and it was very obviously budget, which was fine for two nights as, after travelling for so long we could have just crashed anywhere.

The next day we woke up relatively early due to the jet lag, and I dragged everyone to the nearest Denny’s Diner for breakfast, which was amazing. The pancakes were delicious! After which we just walked around the city, we found a few shops, and one shop that I was particularly keen to visit was Pacsun, one of my favourite shops ever! After shopping we decided to go and visit the famous temple in Temple Square which is in a beautiful setting.



One thing that you will notice if you visit the US, is that it is SO different to the UK, the roads are really wide and most of the town’s and cities are set out in a very grid-like pattern. Everything seems very open and big, even the cars and trucks people drive are big.

Later on in the day we jumped in an uber to the University of Utah, where we had arranged a tour of their seismograph station. This is getting very geographical, so I apologise if it is not as interesting to you as it is to me. The seismograph stations are what they use to monitor earthquakes and signs geological activity around the area and they also monitor the Yellowstone supervolcano, this is because the University of Utah is part of the Yellowstone Volcanic Conservatory. If there are any signs of activity they must react accordingly by writing reports and issuing press releases. It seems, though, that lately Yellowstone has been pretty quiet with very few earthquakes. However, it still has as much of a chance of erupting tomorrow as it does in 100,000 years time.

After our tour we went to visit the university’s natural history museum which had everything from dinosoar bones to original native American garments.

In the evening we decided to go and eat at the very popular Mexican restaurant Red Iguana, after a recommendation from one of the locals. Throughout the day most of the local Salt Lake City residents seemed intrigued by our English accents, with almost everyone asking what we were doing there.

After another good sleep we woke up the next day, checked out of the motel and went to collect our hire care ready to start the drive up to West Yellowstone, Montana. Which I was completely terrified about doing, as I have never driven in another country before!

See how we got on in our next blog post.


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