Hi my name is Sophie, I am 21 years old currently in my second year at Bournemouth University studying Geography. Three of my course mates and I decided a few months ago that we were going to apply for funding from the university’s Global Horizons scheme to travel to Yellowstone National Park for two weeks, this decision came after seeing a video of students from the year before who did the same thing in Iceland. The trip will count as our compulsory five week placement, which would have taken place over the summer. After a long process of filling out the forms and explaining why we wanted to go and what we were going to do, which would benefit our degree, we were granted £1000 each for our travels.

There are a series of tasks that we have to carry out as a group whilst we are in Yellowstone. We first have to visit the university of Utah in Salt Lake City when we land, as they are part of the Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory, and, being geography students, what could be more interesting than a volcano! As well as producing a series of reports, we have to create a video and photo diary, and we were told that creating a blog would be a good idea. So that is exactly what I have done. Welcome to My Passport Story, where you will learn about our travels to Salt Lake City and Yellowstone.

I hope you enjoy reading about what we get up to.

Sophie 🙂

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